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Inspection Photography and Videography Services

Utilizing drone technology, we offer a detailed exploration of various industries and projects. Our services encompass capturing high-quality images and videos for construction and engineering projects, commercial real estate assessments, water and power utilities inspections, tank evaluations, façade examinations, and tower/pole surveys.

Crewed Aircraft and Drone Aerial Photography

Our aerial imaging services utilize drones, crewed (manned) aircraft for a variety of needs including inspection (roofs, roads, bridges and more), documentation for insurance and more. Our state-of-the-art drones and aircraft are equipped with high-resolution cameras to ensure the best image quality for small projects, and we have a crewed aircraft network of airplanes and helicopters and can offer a fit for purpose solution for high resolution photography including RGB (visual), multispectral and thermal imagery. Coupled with our Reality Capture services, we can help use this data to create 3D models, or virtual experiences for your business.

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Our team is skilled in capturing images and videos of construction and engineering projects, commercial real estate, water and power utilities, tank inspections, façade inspections, and tower/pole inspections.

360 Imaging

Never have to guess because of a missed photo. 360 imagery offers a new dimension of photography and videography and can give a look from any angle, without having to return to the site to take more pictures. This technology is perfect for remotely scouting out sites for work, monitoring construction, virtually touring properties, creating interactive content, and immersive experiences. Our 360 cameras capture every angle of your space or event. This service is particularly beneficial for getting a comprehensive view of an area and is ideal for commercial real estate virtual tours, event coverage, and virtual reality (VR) applications.

Vehicle-Mounted Camera Services

Our vehicle-mounted cameras provide dynamic imaging solutions for projects requiring motion or extensive area coverage such as preconstruction and post construction site documentation on roads, bridges and more. Whether mounted on cars for Google Street View-like services or used for monitoring and inspecting large infrastructure projects, these cameras deliver high-resolution images and videos that can be crucial for your operational needs.

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