Aerial Data, 3D Mapping and Digital Twins

Our team specializes in helping companies incorporate Aerial Data, 3D mapping and 3D scanning to improve efficacy, safety and experiences for our customers, and your customers.

Spaur Group can assess, augment and/or help you plan a imagery, and 3D mapping strategy using remotely sensed data.

Consultation Services Include:

  • Identify best ROI for implementing a 3D data strategy, based on requirements, and deliverables.
  • Defining a plan to incorporate aerial imagery, 3D scans, GIS mapping and/or AR/VR.
  • Select the best data source and modalities: satellite, crewed aircraft, drones, and more.
  • Select camera¬† and other sensors:¬†agriculture (multispectral), inspection, 3D scanning, gas detection, thermal and resource exploration (hyperspectral).
  • Select proper processing, hosting and sharing software.
  • Put in place SOPs for best data collection, processing and sharing.
  • Ensure all data is compatible with your current workflows.
  • Training on drone piloting, data collection, photogrammetry data processing. (Context Capture, Pix4D and Reality Capture)