Drones serve as a versatile and cost-effective tool for water utilities, empowering them to gather crucial data, monitor infrastructure, and safeguard water resources.


Water Utilities Management

 Drone technology is transforming the way water utilities manage and maintain infrastructure. With our innovative approach, we provide comprehensive aerial inspections that offer unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and insights in water utility assets.

Why Choose Us?

We are industry leaders, equipped with advanced drones and experienced pilots licensed to conduct comprehensive aerial surveys of water infrastructure. Our real-time monitoring capabilities and detailed reporting ensure thorough coverage and immediate identification of potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance and regulatory compliance. With cost-effective solutions and a commitment to quality, we provide actionable insights to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your water utility assets.


Easy Steps

Our approach integrates aircraft, drones and sophisticated 3D software to provide thorough and precise assessments of your site’s condition.

Collect data

Aerial images or scan data is collected either from the air or from the ground, from various angles and elevations, which can provide as much detail, or as large of an area as you need to cover.

Data processing using advanced 3D modeling software

We process imagery (RGB, thermal, 360, multispectral, etc.) to generate a digital reconstructions of your target area, and produce deliverables such as orthophotos, Digital Elevation Maps, 3D models, 360 images, and more depending on your needs..

Provide comprehensive report

We will create the deliverables you need, and provide a report showing the details of the image, scan, or 3D mapping data collection, processing and result. We can work together with your inspectors, engineers, surveyors to provide the data you need, and make any additional annotations, or edits.

Drone Applications in Water utilities

Drones have a wide range of applications in water utilities, offering innovative solutions for inspections, monitoring, maintenance, and management of water infrastructure. Some of the key applications of drones in water utilities includes the following

Infrastructure Inspection

Drones are used to conduct comprehensive inspections of water infrastructure, including pipelines, reservoirs, treatment plants, and distribution networks. They provide high-resolution aerial imagery and data, allowing utilities to identify leaks, corrosion, structural defects, and other abnormalities with precision and efficiency.

Leak Detection

Drones equipped with advanced sensors, such as thermal imaging cameras, are used for leak detection in water pipelines and facilities. They can identify temperature variations indicative of leaks, enabling utilities to locate and repair leaks quickly to prevent water loss and minimize damage.

Environmental Monitoring

Drones are used to monitor environmental parameters such as water quality, sedimentation, and vegetation growth in water bodies, reservoirs, and wetlands. They collect aerial imagery and sensor data to assess environmental conditions, detect pollution sources, and monitor changes over time, supporting environmental management and regulatory compliance efforts.

Emergency Response

Drones play a crucial role in emergency response situations, such as floods, spills, or natural disasters affecting water infrastructure. They provide situational awareness, assess damage, and identify areas of concern, enabling utilities to prioritize response efforts, allocate resources effectively, and coordinate with emergency responders.

Inspection of Inaccessible Areas

Drones are deployed to inspect hard-to-reach or hazardous areas within water utility facilities, such as confined spaces, elevated structures, and steep terrain. They provide access to areas that are difficult or unsafe for personnel to access manually, enhancing safety and efficiency in inspections and maintenance task

Asset Monitoring

Drones are deployed for real-time monitoring of water utility assets, including pumps, valves, meters, and tanks. They provide visual and sensor data to assess equipment performance, detect anomalies, and identify maintenance needs, allowing utilities to optimize asset management and prevent equipment failures.

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