Photography, and Photorealistic 3D Scanning
Consultation and Services

We specialize in capturing the real world in 3D using various technologies including photography, (ground and aerial) photo scanning, and LiDAR, and then bringing the models into Unreal, Unity, CAD, GIS, and Metaverse platforms.

Consultation and Services include:

  • Project and data capture planning
  • Ground and aerial photography and videography
  • Creating photo-realistic 3D model scans for use visualizing environments, virtual tours, video games, VR / AR experiences. These models can be used in architecture, construction, cultural heritage preservation, energy, environmental monitoring and management, public safety (disaster and fire damage assessment), real estate, power and water utilities, and more
  • Pre / post construction photography
  • GIS consultation
  • Image analysis
  • GIS, computer vision, and mapping software development
  • and more
Disclaimer: no services offered consist of land survey, land planning and/or civil engineering. Accuracy can only be certified by a licensed land surveyor, and is not a service offered by Spaur Group LLC.

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