Real Estate and Commercial Facility 360 VR Tours.

360 tours allow potential clients and staff members to virtually tour properties and facilities without having to leave their home. We use proprietary technology that allows you to own your image data, unlike some services which own your imagery. The 360 tours are not only a great way to show a property, but it is excellent for documentation of condition for construction and insurance purposes.

Real Estate Packages

Basic Real Estate - Starting at $250

  • Indoor / outdoor  tour of up to 5 rooms and 2000 sq ft
  • Aerial 360 views to show area around property and neighborhood
  • Accurate 3D model for solar panels, landscaping, and/or demo.

Commercial Property Packages

Basic Commercial - Starting at $500

  • Indoor / outdoor tour of up to 5000 sq feet
  • Aerial 360 views to show area around property, roofs and equipment

Enhanced Commercial - Starting at $1500 for up to 6 panos

  • Indoor / outdoor tour of up to 10000 sq feet
  • Aerial 360 views
  • Aerial video tour


  • 3D Model of exterior and property
  • Mapping and elevation model

Commercial 360 Tour and 3D Model Demo


The Spaur Group is currently servicing the following US areas:

  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Newark, NJ
  • Portland, OR
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • New York City, NY